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Designing your own background template as you are building a website is not an easy task. First, it is preferable if you know how to do it and what specialized software is easier to work with otherwise, you are in for a more arduous task than you anticipated at the beginning. If you are still determined to design your own website, the first thing that you should do is to view several popular website designs.

Also, you may wonder: "What are the elements that make popular website designs so successful?" Well, there are in fact several elements to consider before you even start.

For example, if you look at several website designs, you will notice the colors for each topic. If you are building a site based on health, you will notice that lighter colors are being used. If your topic is based on a subject full of energy like exercise or children, bright colors make be more appealing. As for financial topics, darker colors are considered to display a more professional look.

Another element to consider is the logo. Will you need images, a special font or other visual elements? If so, please avoid animated graphics, dark backgrounds and noisy sound effects are they have proven to be "cute" at first but very distracting. As for dark backgrounds and flamboyant colors make reading more difficult and eventually invite your visitors to leave your site.

Shapes are also very important in both the logo, the images if included in the logo and the navigation bar buttons. Special effects that are smooth and inviting are a bonus. Also use a navigation system that is visitor friendly otherwise your potential customers will become frustrated and leave your site.

The colors of fonts, shapes and links as well as the type of fonts that you use should be inviting, not bother your vision so light or bright colors such as a light yellow or lavender should be kept out of your text. When a visitor is squinting or need to "figure out" what is written, often they won't bother for long despite the fact that you may offer them a high quality content.

If by the time you read this paragraph, you are literally pulling out your hair, I strongly suggest that you hire the services of a professional website designer as this person or company knows quite well how to create popular website designs as they specialize in this area of expertise. Either way, at the bottom of this page, you will also find a list of companies that offer you either their services for custom made templates or the software that will allow you to design your own website by doing it…your way!

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