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When my husband and I started to build websites, we searched for several web hosting companies. Some offered templates that were too basic for our taste, limited in their inventory or too expensive for our budget. It was particularly expensive to find a web site host with template models that looked appealing to the eye of a potential customer. Others were selling only hosting services. Then as our search became more detailed, we soon learned that there is more to a website host than just a domain name.

While browsing amongst the offers of several web hosting companies, we also enquired about prices. Our questions were:

- Is it a special rate for a limited time?
- What does your rate include exactly?
- How many domain names can I register?
- What is the amount of web space available?
- What are the various packages available and their characteristics?
- What is the monthly transfer volume?
- What are the monthly rates for each package?
- What marketing tools do you offer?
- Do you offer site building tools and if so, which ones?
- What is the size of the SQL database available for each package?
- How many domains, subdomains and external domains is included in each package?
- How many email accounts and aliases does each package offer?
- What is the mailbox space for each package?
- What email features does each package offer?
- What are the security features that are offered?
- Do you have a guarantee and if so, what is it?
- What kind of support does your company offer?

As you can see, there is a lot more to a website host than you might have thought at first. Finding a web site host with template options is a bonus if their inventory has a lot of potential. On the other hand, if the web hosting services interesting you but they do not offer popular website designs, you may also purchase your templates elsewhere while enjoying the benefits from what the company has to offer you.

One of the web hosting companies that was highly promoted by Dr. Andy Williams, owner of SEO Websitebuilder is which suggestion my husband and I decided on after all. We have been very satisfied with both our package, their services as well as their support. They also offer easy to use templates to help you build your website.

Before you decide on a web hosting company, take the time to browse and compare not only the prices but the content offered in their packages as well. This is a very competitive field so the choice is yours. Do not settle for a web site host with template options if what they have to offer does not fit your needs and desires. Do not forget that your site will remain and its success will partially depend on the quality of the hosting services that you will receive from the chosen company. So you may as well make the right choice!

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